How to Create Your New Story

Invitation to Co-Create With the Universe

Explore the limitless possibilities that are open to you and create a new story for your life. Creating your alchemical story with First Light Porta Alchémica® is transformational, empowering and life changing. It is an invitation to participate in a new relationship with your life, the solar system, stars, zodiacal and planetary allies and to open up an entirely new world.

Alchemist at work in his laboratory.

The Process of Creation

Co-creation is like a dance with the universe and an opportunity to play as elixirs and anointing oils are chosen to co-create a new alchemical story. Use the Planetary Elixirs for 'What' you want in your life, the Zodiacal Elixirs for 'How' you want to express and experience, and the Mansions of Life Elixirs for 'Where' or what area of your life you want to focus on.

Anointing oils create a powerful magical focus and work synergistically together. Their preparation and unique fragrances are aligned to the planetary and zodiacal powers to open up magical pathways and define your specific intent and focus. They can be matched according to their keywords and corresponding Planetary Elixirs and Zodiacal Elixirs or chosen intuitively. Work their unique scents on their own or blend together to create your own alchemical fragrance.


5 Easy Steps to Create Your Story



Example Stories of Transformation - From Old to New

Chloe's Business Success

"My business does not seem to be growing at all. I feel like I am not being taken as seriously as I would like and I wish people could recognise me as the professional I could be."

Chloe used Jupiter Planetary Elixir to bring growth, Capricorn Zodiacal Elixir to express professionally and 10th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on her business. She used the Jupiter Planetary Anointing Oil to attune to the planetary energies of Jupiter.

"I feel very different after taking my elixirs and things have really started to shift in my business. I have been getting more referrals and the gears are really starting to move. I am currently in the process of updating my business card and look to reflect the new 'professional me'. Thank you! Success is finally opening up and I love it!"

- Chloe, Naturopath.

Paul's Love Rekindled

"My relationship with my partner has lost its spark. I want more love - I miss the spontaneous fun and romance that love brings to the relationship."

Paul used Venus Planetary Elixir to bring love, Leo Zodiacal Elixir to express as romantic and fun, 7th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on relationship. He used the Venus Planetary Anointing Oil to attune to the planetary energies of Venus.

"There has been a definite change. We ended up both taking the elixirs as I told my partner all about them. That was fun, she actually thought I would never do something like this. There have been some very special nights: fun, laughter, romance... I am absolutely amazed by the difference. My partner loves the fragrance of the oil by the way. Thanks again."

- Paul, Finance Analyst

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