Your Stories of Transformation - From Old to New

Chloe's Business Success

"My business does not seem to be growing at all. I feel like I am not being taken as seriously as I would like and I wish people could recognise me as the professional I could be."

Chloe used Jupiter Planetary Elixir to bring growth, Capricorn Zodiacal Elixir to express professionally and 10th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on her business. She used the Jupiter Planetary Anointing Oil to attune to the planetary energies of Jupiter.

"I feel very different after taking my elixirs and things have really started to shift in my business. I have been getting more referrals and the gears are really starting to move. I am currently in the process of updating my business card and look to reflect the new 'professional me'. Thank you! Success is finally opening up and I love it!"

- Chloe, Naturopath.

Paul's Love Rekindled

"My relationship with my partner has lost its spark. I want more love - I miss the spontaneous fun and romance that love brings to the relationship."

Paul used Venus Planetary Elixir to bring love, Leo Zodiacal Elixir to express as romantic and fun, 7th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on relationship. He used the Venus Planetary Anointing Oil to attune to the planetary energies of Venus.

"There has been a definite change. We ended up both taking the elixirs as I told my partner all about them. That was fun, she actually thought I would never do something like this. There have been some very special nights: fun, laughter, romance... I am absolutely amazed by the difference. My partner loves the fragrance of the oil by the way. Thanks again."

- Paul, Finance Analyst

Kifli the Bunny

"My bunny is having a really tough time coping with difficult vet visits and a long drawn out recovery. She doesn't like the medication and the injections I need to give her daily while she recovers from her illness. I don't like it either because now my beloved bunny doesn't come near me anymore."

Kifli's owner used Venus Planetary Elixir to experience the drive for love and affection and Saturn Planetary Elixir to test and cope with material reality for both himself and Kifli.

"First of all, thank you! I have been taking the Saturn and Venus elixirs and adding them to Kifli's critical care formula for recovering bunnies. The combination of the two elixirs has turned the previously overwhelming medication session into a calm and short ritual, helping me to stay neutral and fully present in my supportive role... and helping Kifli bunny to gain more trust in me handling her."

- Kifli's owner, Auckland.

Joanna's Focus on Health

"I need to focus on my health and probably the food I eat too! Honestly, I am just not as happy as I could be and wish I had more energy. I constantly feel drained with little desire to do much at all."

Joanna used Sun Planetary Elixir to be happyAries Zodiacal Elixir to express with vitality and energy and 6th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on diet and health. She used the Sun Planetary Anointing Oil and Aries Zodiacal Anointing Oil together daily.

"Taking my elixirs, wearing the 'celestial fragrances' I was in heaven - literally! Talk about changing tack and getting on track - fast. Within a matter of days I felt a new sense of excitement about the journey of health I was on. Some amazing synchronicities happened and my humble little start has blossomed into so much more than I could have imagined. I am more comfortable being me again and I have my happiness back."

- Joanna, Administrator

Cameron's Eureka Moment

"I really need an idea! Not just based on what everyone else is doing, but something that will break out of the mold and take my business further. And of course start actually making some real money."

Cameron used Uranus Planetary Elixir to break free and create something new, Taurus Zodiacal Elixir to express abundantly and 10th House Mansions of Life Elixir to focus on the success of his business. He used the Taurus Zodiacal Anointing Oil to attune to the zodiacal energies of Taurus.

"Thank you - and wow! What can I say? I started taking the elixirs on the New Moon as you suggested and it was about at the Full Moon when 'the magic' started happening. The idea finally came, right in the middle of a morning shower. I must have felt like Archimedes did when he leapt out of the bath with eureka! That's it! Perfect!
This is the start of a stupendous new story..."

- Cameron, Digital Marketing.