Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual©

Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual©

Use the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual© when you want to perform a simple eighth ray ritual to celebrate, honour and uphold the goddess within and to align with the universal creation goddess Isis-Urania. This Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual uses the Isis-Urania ritual incense, anointing oil and elixir as a simple three-step process.

For those who wish to work more comprehensively with the goddess Isis-Urania the Eighth Ray Spiritual Practice Isis-Urania Ritual is an eight step formal ritual. This full eight step ritual creates a path of return for the divine feminine and is a means to reclaim, retrieve, reintegrate and reinstate the relationship with the inner creatrix. You can work with the full eighth ray spiritual practice Isis-Urania Ritual to integrate the masculine and the feminine within the self and tap into the secret knowledge of the infinite and the occult power of the Black Moon or Black Goddess – the original creation goddess, the goddess behind the goddess.

For the full eight-step ritual process please see page 300 in the book Eighth Ray Magic The Magic of the Goddess - The Magic of Co-Creation.

TO BEGIN: Place the Porta Alchémica® Isis-Urania elixir and Isis-Urania anointing oil on the ritual working surface or altar. Place a small amount of pure water in your chalice. If possible use a specially dedicated chalice, goblet or bowl for this ritual. If you have the Isis-Urania ritual incense include that in your ritual. Make sure the charcoal tablet is glowing and ready in the incense burner before you add the incense. Put a pinch of the Isis-Urania ritual incense on the glowing charcoal before you begin.

STEP ONE: ANOINTING OIL  Select the Porta Alchémica® Isis-Urania anointing oil. Place three drops of the anointing oil in triangle pattern on your inner wrists. Using your index finger touch the anointing oil on your left wrist and anoint your third eye between the eyebrows with the figure of the eight rayed star. Then rub your wrists together in a figure eight motion and inhale the fragrance deeply three times. Say,

“I attune to the magical frequency of Isis-Urania”

STEP TWO: ISIS-URANIA ELIXIR: Place three drops in a triangular pattern of the Porta Alchémica® Isis-Urania elixir into the water in the chalice. Start at the apex with one drop of elixir then one drop at each of the other two points of the triangle.

As you do so say silently or out loud,

“My inner alchemist aligns with the energies and powers of the creation goddess Isis-Urania”

Place your hands in a triangular shape, thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger over the top of the chalice. Blow through the triangle onto the water and then say,

“The sacred alchemical rose flowers within the chalice of my being.”

Slowly drink the potentised water in your chalice that has alchemically transformed to become an alchemical chalice of sacred libation.

STEP THREE: AURA MIST  Spray the Porta Alchémica® Alchemist Aura Mist three times in the shape of a triangle: above the head, then above the right and then left shoulder to lock in your intent and seal the aura to hermetically contain the energies and powers you wish to express or make manifest. Then say decisively and forcefully,

“Consummatum est!”

Your ritual is complete.


Note: The Porta Alchémica® Alchemist Aura Mist can be used by itself at anytime when you are wanting to seal your aura and create sacred inner space. The Porta Alchémica® Alchemist Aura Mist acts to create the rosarium, the sacred rose garden of the alchemist. It creates the purified holy place wherein the alchemist can contemplate and work with the energies now contained in the alembic.