"The sky quivers, the earth quakes before me, for I am a magician, I possess magic."

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Transform, Co-create and Become the Magician of Your Own Life.

Work with the extraordinary powers of ritual, plants, planets and the stars to create change and empower your life. Discover Eighth Ray Ritual Magic® - a complete and revolutionary system of ritual magic created by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber that enables you to work with the powers of the cosmos and change the fabric of the universe.

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First Light Porta Alchémica® returns the ancient origins of the art of alchemy using the power of Egyptian heka, tchefit plants and magical ritual in order to work alchemically in the 21st century.
Through First Light Porta Alchémica® you will discover the re-contextualisation of the ancient Hermetic alchemical tradition and teachings to unlock your inner alchemist and co-create a dynamic new life story.

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First Light Porta Alchémica® is at the forefront of alchemy in the 21st century with alchemical products, courses and workshops.
We invite you to become part of the unfolding story as we share with you the information, tools and teaching that enable you to work magic in your life.