The Magician's Story Creator

An Invitation to Co-Create With the Universe

Welcome to the creation room of the Magician, the place in the centre where you can initiate powerful change and transformation. This central place is an inner sanctuary where magic can happen.

In ancient Egypt the inner sanctuary was the most sacred part of the temple complex. At the heart of every temple, it was regarded as the innermost chamber of the goddesses and gods and an extension of the heavens; a magical place of story, alchemy and ritual.

Egyptian priest magician using ritual gestures at the altar

Create Your Story in 5 Easy Steps

Use the five easy steps below to help create your new story. Each step will help you put together the First Light Porta Alchémica® elixirs and anointing oils for each component of your story.

The first three steps provide you with keywords to help you create 'What' you want, 'How' you want to express and 'Where' you want to focus the energies in your life. Tap the centre of the circle  to reveal a list of keywords and then select the word that best describes the energy you want to align and work with. An elixir will appear that matches your chosen keyword. They can be added to cart at the end of step five. If you want to change your selection at any time, simply tap on the number in the arrows and select a new keyword.




4. Anointing Oils

‘Attune’ to the powers of the heavens


1. Planetary Elixir

‘What’ do you want in your life?


2. Zodiacal Elixir

‘How’ do you want to express?


3. Mansions of Life Elixir

‘Where’ do you want to focus?

Planetary Elixirs

‘What’ do you want in your life?

Zodiacal Elixirs

‘How’ do you want to express this?

Mansions of Life Elixirs

‘Where’ do you want to focus your energy?

Anointing Oil

‘Attune’ to the powers of the heavens


‘Ritual’ to empower your story

Fully empower your new alchemical story by using your three Porta Alchémica elixirs in magical ritual.

Use the Porta Alchémica® Flower of Manifestation Ritual© with a specially dedicated chalice, goblet or bowl filled with pure water.

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